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This is a holding place for Vault from Hasicorp. I have either deleted accidently or never thought to post my notes for this. Vault from Hasicorp is a method for managing secrets. This can be handy when you rely on automation or need a way to receive some initial configuration data when launching from a container or a VPC instance of some form with a specific application. In this virtual world were we extol the virtues of disposable services we might need to be able to create a private VPC; Docker image; or serverless function. That environment may benefit from the automatic configuration and installation of pre-requisite packages or modules. And once we have a service running we may want to automatically be able to feed it configuration data. Pulling the configuration from a central storage like SAMBA, NFS, S3 might work. So might be pulling the configuration information from HashiCorps vault.

This is a place holder. Again I do not know why this article is not already in place.

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