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Welcome to the September 2023
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Thank You for visiting. Yes, I upgraded. Yes, something broke bad. So a lot of what I had is being re-tooled. I find sometimes this is a a good thing anyway. Please bare with me.

Reminder – There still might be time for you to register with FRSecure for their CISSP training program. It starts Monday April 10, 2023. https://frsecure.com/cissp-mentor-program

Reminder: I don’t go off the rails and advertising about a lot of items but I will mention: https://www.vmug.com/about/what-is-vmug And specifically the VMUG Advantage program. This program provides access to a wide array of of the VMWARE product line with a 365 day license for lab use. There are caveats, but I sincerely believe that the average [geek] person will find this very useful. [Hint that’s ESX, VCSA, NSX, VRealize, VMWare Logging for lab testing/evaluation. (and yes there items I didn’t list)]

Yes in the future I do want to post some surveys to find what Python Modules are most often used or are in your wheelhouse. Ask, what is your favorite SIEM and why? What 4 security websites you hit everyday before work?