VMWARE VSAN Cluster Remove

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These are going to be some quick notes. I am using these notes. I will need to go back to clean this post up. Please remember that we are talking about removing a VSAN from a ESXi host. It should go without saying that this should be reviewed carefully. 🙂 But it’s important enough that I am going to say it anyway.

[root@esx2:~] esxcli vsan cluster list
Cluster Information of 52d066b5-e7c0-f86b-e1db-8213ac1e40e4
   Enabled: true
   Current Local Time: 2022-07-25T18:28:17Z
   Local Node UUID: 61f0b208-2ecf-1a0e-c8b8-008cfacf9bf8
   Local Node Type: NORMAL
   Local Node State: BACKUP
   Local Node Health State: HEALTHY
   Sub-Cluster Master UUID: 61f13e8b-2f93-e9a2-68b5-008cfacf8e10
   Sub-Cluster Backup UUID: 61f0b208-2ecf-1a0e-c8b8-008cfacf9bf8
   Sub-Cluster UUID: 52d066b5-e7c0-f86b-e1db-8213ac1e40e4
   Sub-Cluster Membership Entry Revision: 2
   Sub-Cluster Member Count: 2
   Sub-Cluster Member UUIDs: 61f0b208-2ecf-1a0e-c8b8-008cfacf9bf8, 61f13e8b-2f93-e9a2-68b5-008cfacf8e10
   Sub-Cluster Member HostNames: esx2.sparelab.net, esx3.sparelab.net
   Sub-Cluster Membership UUID: 1cadce62-5612-0deb-3339-008cfacf8e10
   Unicast Mode Enabled: true
   Maintenance Mode State: OFF
   Config Generation: 19c4c814-3812-4918-9825-6442d47d5c9d 23 2022-07-15T12:55:57.979
esxcli vsan cluster leave -u 61f13e8b-2f93-e9a2-68b5-008cfacf8e10
[root@esx2:~] esxcli vsan cluster leave -u 61f13e8b-2f93-e9a2-68b5-008cfacf8e10
[root@esx2:~] esxcli vsan cluster list
vSAN Clustering is not enabled on this host


You might find the need to clean a disk from a VSAN storage list. This might be the case if you mounted a strange pair or you re-installed ESXi on a host but choose NOT to wipe the disks. I have noticed that if you perform a “vsan cluster leave” that ESXi tends to remove the disks from the “in use” list.

esxcli vsan storage list

 Is SSD: true
   VSAN UUID: 522427c6-33ca-c0bc-0f91-22fd709addb7
   VSAN Disk Group UUID: 522427c6-33ca-c0bc-0f91-22fd709addb7
   VSAN Disk Group Name: t10.ATA_____PNY_CS900_240GB_SSD_____________________PNY21242106170105DB6

Using the Disk Group allows you to remove BOTH the SSD and OTHER storage device type.

esxcli vsan storage remove -u 522427c6-33ca-c0bc-0f91-22fd709addb7


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