SNMP on Microsoft Windows

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Last Edited: 2/28/2022

On Windows use windows services (services.exe) to set a few items.


Example: to get the windows hostname

SnmpGet.exe -q -r: -c:"public" -o:.

Just a quick note: An OID is an “Object Identifier” and as much as you might want to use the same OID for all hardware for some very simple reasons. Let’s take the example of a simple router. You get very familiar with it. Then you add a new interface. Now the items in your list has to change to reflect the additional object.

This method also keeps the system flexiable so that you can use it across all objects. A MIB or Management Information Base file for a device can describe the basic “oid”s so that you can discover which OIDs are used.

Example: In this example we “walk” through a windows host.

snmpwalk  -r: -c:"public"
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OID=., Type=OctetString, Value=Hardware: Intel64 Family 6 Model
 58 Stepping 9 AT/AT COMPATIBLE - Software: Windows Version 6.3 (Build 9600 Mult
iprocessor Free)
OID=., Type=OID, Value=
OID=., Type=TimeTicks, Value=1:11:19.43
OID=., Type=OctetString, Value=

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