Enterprise IP Scheme

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There are many things on this site that remain unfinished. Consider this one of them – for now. However it’s important enough to note even if it’s left largely unfinished. One of the things that can be hard to reconcile is the development of the IP scheme for your enterprise. This can be because of a number of factors. It might be that you are late to the game and you are now having to live with something that has been decided quite a bit ago. It might be that you are in a new role and are now having to think about growth and things in a way you haven’t before. What was once someone elses problem is now yours – or to solve an existing problem you may need to think about that things quite a bit differently.

Before I get to far I want to give a shout out and rope in at least two sites.
Site 1: Cisco Design – Designing an Enterprise Wide IP Scheme. https://ciscojedi.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/41/
Site 2:
Site 3: and https://nsrc.org/workshops/2019/sanog33-cndo/networking/cndo/en/labs/ip_address_plan.html for at least a “show” rating.

Yes this implies you do not expect a question about RFC 1811 to come up because it’s so fundamental that it’s not worth wasting a test question on. The CISCO Jedi page does the job it sets out to do. There is quite a bit more. At heart is the question of what you are representing. is it a University; SMB (tiny); Fire Department; Police Department; City; Hospital; Insurance Company; Accounting Office; Multi-tenant retail/development facility; Private School; Bank; Dentist; or Florist. The CISCO Jedi post does a good job of covering a lot of the different design considerations when standardizing an IP scheme.


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