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Last Reviewed: 5/19/2024

S3 is a storage solution that provides object storage through a web service interface.

The basic storage mechanism allows for the creation of a storage “bucket”. Access is secured through an “access key” and a “secret access key”. Access to an item can also be made public through a URL. The URL can be set with an expiration date. S3 is designed to support encryption; versioning; replication; and batch operations.

Third party implementations (such as MinIO and others) exist. Some of these provide for high availability by providing replication as well.

A wide arrange of clients exist including using AWS portal, the AWS CLI; Cyberduck; FileZilla Pro; CloudBerry; and DragonDisk and many others.

As this is a storage solution AWS offers a number of storage solutions for a range of storage requirements. These can be referred to as storage “classes” that allows you to select a storage solution right for you. This might very from a “standard” offering with low-latency to a “glacier” version more suitable for slower access rates; lower costs more suitable for archiving and long term storage of data.

CLoudBerry Drive MSP360 $49/$119.99
CloudBerry Backup $29.99
CloudBerry Explorer (Pro $59.99)


S3 Browser
CloudBerry Explorer
FileZilla Pro

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