PowerShell for Ubuntu

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They “way” to install PowerShell for Ubuntu is evolving. As they say the only constant is change. There are lots of pages that will describe installing and using PowerShell. Some of them still refer to using apt/apt-get. In the most recent incarnation of Ubuntu they have changed to use Snaps, which is a canonical package for publishing apps.

As an aside: I think it’s misleading for a lot of documents to claim this is easier. If we are honest using APT is/was equally as simple. All this really does is provide for a different method. And if I am being honest… I will admit to be more than a little skeptical that this is more for the reasons of control. Apt, Snap. They essentially are doing the same thing. Why is one more necessary than the other? But I digress. (and more importantly how does this effect security of updates?)

To install PowerShell for Ubuntu one only has to do:

snap install powershell –classic

To invoke PowerShell we can issue the command

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