Creating an APT Package

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In this segment we are going to discuss the creation of an deb package. In reality you could install this just as well with dpkg. This might be considered a gateway to maintaining a deb library as well.

Last Edited: 2/27/2022 – This has been sitting around for a while. There has been a package I created a while ago. I will need to re-create it. But essentially this post will demonstrate how to create a simple package. That might be your end objective. Just to have the debian package. As a see-also: you might also investigate the posts which describe how to create and manage your own repository. Of those there might be a few flavors. You might have a repository which consists of entirely original material, you might have a repository that is a mirror of the ubuntu archives – the purpose of which would be to keep updates local and therefore faster, or you might create a mix.

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