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Python interprets (compiles) into an intermediary “BYTECODE” which is then interpreted. There are a number of aspects to this process which should be considered. One benefit is that the code (everything else remaining the same) should be machine independent. The BYTECODE generated using an x64 architecture runs the same as on a machine using an ARM processor. In discussing considerations you will often hear that performance may be consideration. This may or may not always be negative. In some cases the “library” functions are just as much a consideration as any performance hit. Take for example variable use and memory operations/compaction. Some might look down at this however Python has proven to be versatile and has active community and continues to be actively developed. It’s also important to put in to perspective some of the Microsoft code which also sometimes is put into an interpreted state as well. (Microsoft Intermediate Language MSIL or more recently Common Intermediate Language CIL)

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